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Himalaya Singh

main information

english title Himalaya Singh
original title 喜馬拉亞星

cast & crew

director WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
actor LAU Ching-Wan - 劉青雲
Tommy WONG Kwong Leung
LEE Siu-Kei
Cherrie YING Choi-Yee - 應采兒
WONG Yau-Nam - 黄又南
TSUI Tin-Yau - 徐天祐
Cecilia CHEUNG Pak-Chi - 張柏芝
Francis NG Chun-Yu - 吳鎮宇
Ronald CHENG Chung Kei - 鄭中基
SHING Fui-On - 成奎安
producer WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
scriptwriter WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
cinematographerJoe CHAN Kwong-Hung

additional Info

production studioOne Hundred Years of Film
production studioChinastar


Singh (Ronald Cheng) is borne and grown up in Himalayas and has reached the ultimate stage in Yoga. He goes to participate the India Beauty's husband-to-be contest. He meets the wanna-be-married Tally (Cherrie In). Tally proposed to induce Singh to be a rotten, so India Beauty has a bad husband. Uncle Panic (Lau Ching Wan) goes traveling to India with his two nephews (Shine). Uncle Brave (Francis Ng) who is one of the tourists has absolutely opposite character. Uncle Panic bumps into several India robbers who hypnotize him and was brought into the Journey Of Illusion by The Peacock (Cecilia Chang).

Uncle Brave and the two nephews gulp down India Magical Oil accidentally and lose their memory. King of Yoga recognizes Uncle Brave is Singh mistakenly. Dramatically, Singh, Uncle Panic and Uncle Brave fight in the contest. Who can win? Or is it only a dream?

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